We met Cara through the Glenview library meet 'n' greet evening around winter 2003.  We were expecting our first child in May 2004 and were new to the Glenview area.  Cara was full of energy and also close to our house.  When Madeline was about 8 wks old, we started taking her to Cara's place for full-time daycare.  Madeline was born with hip dysplasia on one of her hips and had to wear a harness to keep the hips level for 12 wks with decreasing amounts of time: 24 hours for 4 wks, 12 hours for the next 4 wks, then 6 hrs for the final 4 wks..  She also could not be carried in the typical way babies are held.  We showed Cara how to change the harness since part of the 12 hrs would occur during the day and also how to hold Madeline.  Cara was great, she took amazing care of Madeline and her issues.  Madeline's sister, Marjorie was born 2 years later and also goes to Cara's place full-time.  Now that Madeline is in 1st grade, she does not see Cara as much but when there is a day off from school, she is the first to say she wants to go to Cara's house for the day.

Cara reads to the children, does crafts with them and has a huge backyard for them to run around.  They also go the on park nice days.
Cara provides a lot of attention to all the children there.  I see the girls and the others give Cara alot of hugs when it is time to go home.


Cara has been providing day care for my 4.5 year old son for the last 3 years. Although I was anxious about finding child care at first, when my son met Cara it became apparent quickly that she is a natural with babies and young children. My son has enjoyed the caring and stimulating environment at her home and there were many times he was disappointed that it was time to go home.  As a working mother, I have also appreciated Cara's dependability which has enabled me to be able to focus on work, rest assured that my son was in good hands at her day care. I highly recommend Cara for parents looking for a nurturing and reliable caregiver for their child.


We have our 15 month old daughter with Cara and from the beginning we  have felt right at home.   Everyone who works here is very loving and nurturing to our daughter.  I really enjoy the fact that she is included in the group time and art projects even at such a young age.  She enjoys herself at Cara's and we feel very comfortable leaving her here.