We use an age appropriate, play- based curriculum to help children learn and develop to their fullest potential. We provide a loving, stimulating environment where all of the children's needs are met, physically, intellectually and emotionally. Communication and consistency between home and childcare are strongly encouraged.

Infants receive all of the love and attention they need to feel secure and cared for.  They are held, played with and stimulated.  Each baby receives individual attention and is kept to his/ her same schedule as at home.  We make sure that each baby has a variety of stimulates throughout the day to promote all of their physical and emotional developments.  There are four separate napping rooms, so each infant has his/her own crib and a quiet place to sleep. 

As the children grow and develop, they are encouraged to explore and learn.  We continue to provide a loving environment where the children feel safe and secure, but we also challenge them and provide opportunities for them to grow in independence.  Weekly themes help to keep things new and different.   We have a variety of activities each day that incorporate everything from science, reading and math to the arts.  Drama, dress up, and music are a big part of our day.  Children explore, play, interact and learn while receiving the love, respect, and attention they all need. 

Older children are given a quiet place to work on homework when they get here after school.  When needed, educational support is available.  Once homework is completed, older children have a variety of activities to choose from.  Computers, games, books and art supplies name just a few, but one of their favorite activities is to play with the younger children.  Everyone wins with the multi-age group setting.